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The Uniqueness of Commercial Water Damage

2/18/2021 (Permalink)

Picture shows a man on ladder looking at a water damaged ceiling. Every hour spent cleaning and dealing with water damage in your Meadville business is an hour of revenue lost.

Water damage can be daunting to handle alone. Locating the source of the water damage, fixing the leak, and even possibly dealing with mold are all things you need to do when dealing with water damage. These challenges become even harder to handle in a commercial setting. You have to get over all these hurdles while trying not to halt operations in your Meadville business.

There’s never a convenient time for a flood to strike your business, or for a pipe to burst in your facility. Every hour spent cleaning and dealing with water damage in your Meadville business is an hour of revenue lost. Don’t hesitate when these disasters arise. When an emergency arises, you need to be ready to take action.

No one should have to deal with this alone, that’s why SERVPRO of Crawford & NE Venango is here to help with any size water disaster. We’re locally owned with access to national resources, so no disaster is too big for us. Whether you have a leak in your office or a big box store, SERVPRO of Crawford & NE Venango can handle it.

We provide an array of water damage services such as: 

  • Flood cleanup and restoration
  • Structural drying
  • Odor removal
  • Upholstery & Fabric cleaning
  • Mold remediation

SERVPRO of Crawford & NE Venango has the training, expertise, and equipment to handle even the largest instances of commercial water damage. Our network of over 1,7000 franchises and strategically placed Disaster Recovery Teams across the country allow us to respond with any large scale disaster or event.

Call SERVPRO of Crawford & NE Venango today at (814) 350-7651 or visit our Website today to get your Meadville business back to preloss condition fast! Remember, every hour dealing with water damage is an hour of lost revenue, so contact SERVPRO of Crawford & NE Venango today!

Reopening Schools in Crawford and NE Venango Counties: How SERVPRO can help.

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

Picture is of a empty classroomwith wooden desks and a green chalk board in the background. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program that goes beyond janitorial or general cleaning. It is a higher standard of clean.

With COVID-19 still rampant here in Western Pennsylvania …school administrators are desperately trying to get schools re-open safely. SERVPRO of Crawford and NE Venango Counties have been on the front lines during the pandemic, and we are here to assist our local school districts with our program called Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. But let us first take a peek on what the CDC is recommending.

The CDC recommends 3 steps to get your district back in working order after being on a blended leaning schedule or being closed for a period of time. Cleaning and disinfecting schools will require you to:

  • Develop your plan. The CDC recommends to, “evaluate your workplace, school, home, or business to determine what kinds of surfaces and materials make up that area. Most surfaces and objects will just need normal routine cleaning. Frequently touched surfaces and objects like light switches and doorknobs will need to be cleaned and then disinfected to further reduce the risk of germs on surfaces and objects.”
  • Implement your plan. Once you have a plan, the CDC says it is time to take action. “Read all manufacturer’s instructions for the cleaning and disinfection products you will use. Put on your gloves and other required personal protective equipment (PPE) to begin the process of cleaning and disinfecting.”
  • Maintain and revise your plan. The CDC recommends to “take steps to reduce your risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19 during daily activities. CDC also provides tips to reduce your exposure and risk of acquiring COVID-19. Reducing exposure to yourself and others is a shared responsibility. Continue to update your plan based on updated guidance and your current circumstances.”

For more detailed information on re-open guidance…visit the CDC’s website here. Planning can be difficult. Let SERVPRO help. No matter if its Oil City or Cranberry our professionals can help create plan that works for your district. Our program, Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program that goes beyond janitorial or general cleaning. It is a higher standard of clean. This is a proactive viral pathogen cleaning that helps ensure the cleanliness of our schools and local businesses alike. Our SERVPRO professionals are trained and experienced in biohazard decontamination---always adhering to the cleaning standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local authorities.

Our kids are our first priority. If you would like a quote for your school district call 814.350.7651. We can make a plan that’s right for your administration. For more information on SERVPRO’s Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program, visit our website. All of us at SERVPRO of Crawford and NE Venango Counties wishes you a safe return to school in the new year.

Fire at My Business: What to Do After?

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

image of firefighters spraying a building from a safe distance away with high powered hoses Make sure to call the fire department and 911 immediately. Do not enter the building until firefighters have deemed it safe to enter again

After the flames have been put out by the firefighters and the dust has settled---what do you do when your business is covered in ashes? Time means money and no business owner wants to miss out on lost revenue.

Get ahead of the game. There are things you can do before a fire even occurs. Being proactive is key. There is only one way to be on top of things when it comes to a disaster. And that is having some things prepared beforehand. These items should be backed-up elsewhere, like a home office or someplace safe other than at the business. They should include: a contact list with updated phone numbers and emails, a weekly backup of necessary computer files, an up-to-date list of inventory, a securely stored backup of accounting records, and a preloss agreement with SERVPRO of Crawford and NE Venango Counties---call us to work one out today.

If you have already suffered a fire. Here is what to do first. Make sure to call the fire department and 911 immediately. Do not enter the building until firefighters have deemed it safe to enter again. Take as many pictures as possible and make sure to file a claim with your insurance company as soon as you can. Ensure all the utilities are turned off. Once it is safe to enter again…try and remove the important, necessary items like: business licenses and permits, inventory and accounting records, employee documents, insurance information, cash, credit cards, and checkbooks, and other valuables.

Once You are In the Clear---Call SERVPRO.

After the fire trucks are gone, your Crawford business and contents are likely suffering from not only fire and smoke damage, but also extensive water damage from firefighting efforts. SERVPRO of Crawford / NE Venango Counties has the specialized fire and water damage cleanup and restoration training and experience to quickly restore your business to pre-fire condition. We also have specific training and equipment for odor removal and deep cleaning of upholstery and carpet. 

SERVPRO of Crawford / NE Venango Counties will respond quickly to your commercial business emergency, 24 hours a day. Whether the damage occurs in a small business building or a big box store, we have the training, experience, and equipment to handle the situation.

Please refer to our Fire Damage Tips - Until Help Arrives Guide and follow these tips to protect yourself and your property.

Have Questions? Call Us Today – (814) 350-7651

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Crawford County

10/12/2020 (Permalink)

image of SERVPRO technician using hot water extractor to clean a carpet fully SERVPRO® of Crawford County uses state-of-the-art equipment and has professionals that are trained to the highest standards in carpet cleaning.

Did you know that your carpets act as a big, giant filter?  That’s right – carpets absorb and trap air pollutants, dust, bacteria, chemicals and so much more. Vacuuming regularly can help but is usually not sufficient in removing all those trapped contaminants.

The best advice we can give is to clean your carpets before they become totally saturated with soil and other harmful pathogens. Once this happens, the air quality in your space is jeopardized, and the last thing you want is to put your employees or clients at risk. Not only that, but the dirt that hides deep below the surface near the base of the pile is damaging to the carpet itself.

Depending on the soil build-up, traffic, type and color of carpeting, we suggest getting your carpets professionally cleaned at least once every 12 months. Again, this will depend on a variety of factors and you may need more or less frequent cleaning.

SERVPRO® of Crawford / NE Venango Counties uses state-of-the-art equipment and has professionals that are trained to the highest standards in carpet cleaning. With over 40 years of experience, we will get the job done right and have your commercial carpets looking and smelling brand new.

We offer the following types of cleaning methods:

  • Bonnet Cleaning: A less aggressive method for short piled carpets
  • Hot Water Extraction: A deeper cleaning method for all carpet types
  • Deluxe Precondition and Rinse: Helps restore deeply soiled areas
  • Showcase Premier Cleaning: The most thorough cleaning method in the industry

To find out which method is right for your business, give us a call at (814) 350-7651. We are always Here to Help®!

Does the Size of my Property Change the Restoration Process?

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

photo of large commercial building with all interior lights on No matter the size of the property--- no job is too large or small for SERVPRO of Crawford & NE Venango Counties.

The short answer for you is no. The size of a property does not change the restoration process, in terms of the steps needing to be taken. The process can slide on a scale of necessary equipment and workforce, but the overall process remains the same.

For example, if you had two floors of completely soaked flooring, one plan might be two individuals running each floor with as many tools as needed in the assessment. While for homeowners, a smaller sized restoration company could get the work done in a timely manner, considering the smaller surface area of possible damage and the amount of equipment needed.

However, commercial properties may not be able to use smaller restoration companies. The best option for a commercial property in need of any type of restoration, whether its fire, water, mold, or storm damage, is a company that has a large supply of equipment at hand.

SERVPRO of Crawford and NE Venango Counties has the volume of equipment and workers necessary for a quick response time and quick restore time, no matter the size of the disaster. Any number of people and tools can be at the location in a prompt time. In the past, SERVPRO has helped restore several commercial properties including:

  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Strip malls
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

The size of the damage, the tenants or individuals affected by the restoration process, or anything else should be of little concern when you choose SERVPRO of Crawford and NE Venango Counties. We work efficiently and can create a flexible restoration plan that works around business operations, allowing you to keep running or to be back as quickly as possible.

If you should need our help restoring a commercial or residential property, do not hesitate to give us a call! (814) 350 7651

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Protect Your Business Now with an ERP

8/18/2020 (Permalink)

Emergency ready profile SERVPRO Call us today to schedule your Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) appointment, free of charge!

How SERVPRO can Help Protect your Business:

SERVPRO has this amazing program available to help in the event of an emergency. It is called the Emergency Ready Profile (ERP).

It is complimentary to set it up and the service is free of charge! Once scheduled, one of our staff members will come and document information about your building including square footage, access points, contacts and all your shut offs (electric, gas, water etc). This will include instructions and pictures to help you and your employees handle emergencies more efficiently.

Hey, There's an APP for That!

Not only will you receive your ERP in paper form to keep in your office, there is also a FREE app that you can download as well.

We do all the work and you enjoy all the benefits! Your app will have everything included, your business name, address, contact phone numbers, pictures, and instructions.

All your employees can download the app and access the business. That way if/when an emergency arises, they can open the app and shut off what is needed as soon as possible. There are icons at the top for Fire, Water, Mold & Other to get SERVPRO the info they need so they can be dispatched faster.

SERVPRO of Crawford and NE Venango County understands time is of the essence. We are dedicated to quality customer service and fast response times. If you would like to set up and appointment or get more information, call us today! (814) 350 7651

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